As winter rolls around and the temperatures begin to drop, you might have questions about what happens to bugs in the winter. You obviously don’t want bugs do run into your home for shelter from the cold temperatures. But will they actually seek refuge in the warmth of your home to escape the elements?

Many types of bugs such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and mosquitoes are arthropods, and they don’t make their own heat. This means that they depend on their environment to stay warm and survive. This also means that many species of arthropods can’t survive during the winter, leading certain types of bugs to seek shelter inside your cozy home.

Areas of the country where winters result in a significant drop in average temperatures can mean that certain pests become more common indoors during the cooler autumn and winter months.

As temperature drops, arthropods will either die or migrate until warmer temperatures return. In warmer climates, these bugs might be around all during the year. In warm climates, pest control and management are as important in the winter months as they are during the spring and summer.

What do different types of bugs do during the winter?


Most species of cockroach can’t survive if temperatures are less than 15-degrees Fahrenheit. This means that during the winter, cockroaches tend to go inside to try and stay warm. Cockroaches can be difficult to get rid of, and they can infect an area quickly. If you have cockroaches during the winter, or during any other time of the year, a pest management company can help you get rid of them.


There are many different types of spiders, so how well spiders survive the winter depends on the kind of spider. Some spiders, like the black widow, will seek shelter in buildings or crawl spaces. Other spiders, like the brown recluse, generally become inactive when temperatures go lower than 44-degrees Fahrenheit. Spiders are also less likely to be active during cold temperatures because their food sources aren’t as abundant. It’s important during the winter months to get rid of cobwebs by cleaning and vacuuming and by using pesticides.


Many species of ants tend to go underground to get out of the cold temperatures. Many kinds of ants do not survive harsh winter temperatures. Generally, ants aren’t as much of a problem during the winter if you live in an area that has cold weather.


Mosquitoes are known for thriving in warm, humid temperatures. Female mosquitoes will overwinter in a state of pause when they reach adulthood. This means they will stop feeding on blood sources. Mosquitoes often seek places such as storm drains and caves during the winter time. Mosquitos are not likely to be as much of a problem during cold temperatures as they are during the springs and summer months.

Bugs Getting the Best of You?

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