The reason why you might want to keep bugs out of your home is to prevent your family from being exposed to diseases or infections. However, what you need to understand is that keeping bugs away is not an easy task especially if you do not know which preventative measures are effective at keeping insects’ way from your home.

Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Free From Bugs

1. Prune Plants Growing Near The Structure.

Insects use tree branches that grow near the structure to access your home. That is why it is advisable that you cut down any branches that are near your structure. Apart from insects, other critters such as squirrels, mice, and raccoons also use the same plants to access the roof and other parts of the house. Therefore, make sure that the shrubs and other plants do not grow near the house.

2. Seal Cracks, Utility Lines And Weep Holes.

Insects also use utility lines as a bridge to access your home. Because of this reason, you might want to check the entry point of the utility lines and make sure that there are no spaces left for the insects to pass through. It is also advisable that you seal weep holes and cracks with a correct sealant that can contract and expand depending on the atmosphere.

3. Repair Damaged Screens.

Besides sealing cracks and utility lines, you also need to make sure that the window screens fit properly without leaving any openings or tears. That is because insects look for week openings where they can penetrate. You can temporarily fix these areas using a cotton ball before finding a permanent solution.

4. Make Sure That The Gutters Are Clean

Cleaning the gutters regularly will also reduce cases of bug infestation. Leaves that clog the gutters rot within a short period and this turns into a perfect place where cockroaches and other insects can stay. When the weather condition is not favorable for them, they crawl through the attic and find their way inside your home.

5. Inspect The Exterior Of Your Home.

To keep bugs out of your home, you are required to inspect the exterior of your home as well. Check for cracks on the foundation of the structure and any repair any damaged areas. If you do not seal the holes or any cracks found the foundation, then your home will still be vulnerable to bug infestation.

6. Keep The House Clean.

Insects are attracted to messy areas as well as bad odors. That is why it is important that you vacuum your house regularly and keep everything in order. Moreover, avoid food spills or keeping rotten food inside the house. It is also advisable that you store food in safe airtight containers such as glass or plastic containers.

7. Install A Fan

Bugs such as bed bugs and mosquitoes usually get attracted by human secretions or scent. However, with the help of a fan, you can easily get rid of such factors that attract bugs. Another reason why you might want to invest in a fan is that bugs do not like heavy winds, which is why most bugs keep away from areas that have fans installed.

8. Use Pesticides.

Another quick way of getting rid of bugs is to use pesticides. However, make sure that the pesticides you use are not harmful to your health since most brands are made using harmful chemicals. Because of this reason, it is advisable that you be careful when using pesticides around the house.


These are some of the effective ways of keeping bugs out of your home. Moreover, some of these things are easy to do and you do not need any kind of experience to apply these bug preventive measures.