Isn’t it strange when you wake up at night to have a glass of water and as soon as you enter the kitchen there are glowing eyes on the ground? You will be scared to death but when you switch the lights on you don’t find anything out there. That’s because the rats ran away when you invaded their personal space.

Rodents can create havoc in your house and they should be evicted as soon as possible. Not just rats, there are mus, flying squirrels, and a hundred other rodents that can live along with your family if you don’t take immediate action. One of the reasons why there might be so many rodents in your house is that there are fruit trees around. Rodents love to eat. They will feed around from the fruit trees and will take shelter in your house at night. This needs to stop! Your immediate step should be to get in touch with a company that keeps rodents away.

Trap instead of kill

Killing the rodents is not the right approach to getting rid of the critters once and for all. Your objective should be to trap them and make them go away. Most of the rodent control companies set up snap traps and live traps around the fruit trees and in your house to catch the rats or other critters that are causing a nuisance. The best time to install these traps is at night. This is the time when the rodents come out to get food. They will eat on the ripe fruits from the trees or even pick on the ones that have fallen on the ground. The traps are strategically placed so that the rodents understand that they are walking into a cage of no return.

Many companies prefer to use glue boards on the trees but these boards are not as effective as you think. The glue may become hard and not work when it is needed. That is why it is safer to use snap traps to catch the rodents instead of torturing or killing them.

Sealing the entry points

The job of the rodent control team does not end once they catch the critters and return them to their original habitat. They are also responsible for sealing the entry points in the house. This will not allow the rodents to enter the house. Copper flashing and copper mesh can be installed on the doors and windows so that the rodents are not able to cut through the copper and come inside. In addition to copper hardware, you can also get hardware clothing that will seal the perch.

Once the house is safely protected from the rodents, you should turn to protect the trees. Almost all the rodents are experts at climbing trees. They can climb even the tallest trees with ease without any fear of falling. The rodent control team can start the first line of defense by installing rodent guards. These guards are basically metal sheets wrapped around the trunk of the tree. Some of the rodent guards also come with sharp pointed ends so that the rodents get injured at every step they take. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep rodents away from the fruit trees around your house.

Another method to control rodents from invading the fruit trees is by trimming and pruning the trees from time to time. But it is always best to wrap rodent guards first before cutting the trees. Consult your local rodent control company to see which method will be more effective in keeping the rodents away.