Bed bugs can be a major issue for many households in the United States. Bed bugs look for an environment that is temperate and safe to survive. This makes your home a perfect place for them to live and thrive.

Bed bugs can be aggravating, difficult and downright gross to deal with. No one wants to have an infestation, but they are not altogether uncommon in the US. It’s also generally known that bed bugs are difficult to get rid of as they can get into mattresses, clothes, sheets, couches, and more. They are also very sneaky and elusive and can hide in nooks and crannies that are hard to get to. Sometimes, bed bugs won’t be in your bed either but in other areas of your home.

While there are preventive measure that you can take, sometimes bed bugs can still get into your house despite all of your best efforts.

It’s important to know what these bugs look like and more about them in order to do your best to prevent them from taking up residence in your house. Remember that the most likely way you will get bed bugs is through public spaces such as public transit and hotels, which is likely way cities and densely populated areas are known to have many bed bug problems.

Prevention Tips That Can Help Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

While you might not be able to completely ensure you will never get bed bugs, by following these tips you can make an infestation less likely to occur.

1: Cover your power outlets

Bed bugs will crawl into these little spaces to keep survive when they are being exterminated. They can then travel through your walls and get to other areas of your home.

2: Keep clothes in sealed bags

If you are travelling, it’s a smart idea to keep your clothes in vacuum sealed bags. This will help protect your clothing from bed bugs as you travel.

3: Get help from a professional

If you already have bed bugs, dealing with the problem on your own can be hard. Getting rid of bed bugs can be complex and usually can’t be accomplished using home remedies. A professional will get rid of bed bugs for good.

4: Learn the signs of bed bugs

It’s important to know the signs of bed bugs so that you can identify an infestation early on. Signs of bed bugs include recognizing bites. The bites are generally red marks that are small and show up in rows. They can also be rather itchy.

5: Clean up your clutter

If you have a house that’s full of clutter, it can be a lot harder to get rid of these pests. To begin with, you can go through each room and declutter. If your house is cleaner, it will be easier to get rid of an infestation.

What to do if you already have bed bugs?

If you have bed bugs, getting rid of them on your own can sometimes be quite difficult. Luckily, a professional exterminator can get rid of these pesky pests and help you return to a life free from bed bugs. Allied Pest offers high quality, family-friendly, and pet-safe bed bug extermination services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you quickly rid yourself of bedbugs and prevent them from coming back.