Get Rid Of Bugs In the Springtime

Don’t let bugs live in your home.

Spring is the season when bugs flourish the most and it becomes a problem in your home. Warmer weather will see a rise in the number of bugs, spiders, and ants around you. Spraying pesticides may be one way of getting rid of the bugs but it will eventually increase the health risks, especially if you have children at home. Most of the bugs don’t show any symptoms of coming in because they remain hidden until the winter is over. It is also not ideal to use poison to kill the bugs because of the kids in the family. The wisest thing to do in such a situation is getting in touch with a bug control company. They use a combination of natural techniques to make your house bug-free.

Benefits of hiring a bug removal company

Although there are many DIY methods to keep bugs out of the house, it is always wise to hire professionals who have the experience of dealing with the bugs efficiently. Here are some of the reasons why professional help is required:

• Unlike the DIY methods that are somewhat effective, the bug removal companies will make sure that the bugs are gone for good after they leave. Be it using organic sprays or setting up wire mesh to prevent the entry of bugs, they have numerous tricks up their sleeve to make your house bug-free.

• The experts have different solutions to different types of bugs in the house. Their technique to eradicate ants will be different to how they remove flies or bees. DIY methods may not be effective enough to deal with all these bugs efficiently.

• The organic sprays that the bug removal companies use are safe for the children. They will not pollute the air or water in the house and neither will the trees or plants in your garden get affected.

Black Widow

Effective bug removal techniques during springtime

As mentioned earlier, the bug removal process is to follow an organic method to remove the bugs from the house. Be it bed bugs or spiders or ants, they will find a way to deal with them once the inspection of the house is complete.

Sealing the entry points

Cracks in the kitchen or bathroom are the prime areas from where bugs tend to enter the house. That is why the inspection of the house is so important. Once we identify these entry points, we will advise you where to seal them up completely. Silicone caulk is often used to seal these cracks. You can do this yourself, or many times a local handyman can help you with this.

Using environment-friendly chemicals

Bug control companies are aware that using pesticides or harmful chemicals in the house can affect the family members. That is we have always used organic sprays and chemicals that do not have any adverse effects on people. Chemicals like boric acid powder are spread around the areas where the bugs have made their home. This can be extremely toxic to your pets, and children and for that reason, we will not employ these methods.

Springtime brings fresh leaves and flowers in the garden and it also invites a lot of unwanted bugs in the house. It is hard to control the bugs on your own. You may use combinations of peppermint, cinnamon, lemon juice, and other recipes to get rid of the bugs initially but as spring sets in, these insects will grow their family rapidly and aggressively. If you want your house to be a place where humans live and not bugs, contact us at Allied Pest Solutions. If it’s bugging you, we kill it!