Get Rid Of Bee in Tempe

We offer Get Rid Of Bee in Tempe
the entire area. If bee’s are encountered anywhere around your home, leave the  bee’s alone until a trained professional has been called to take care of the issue.


Allied Pest Solutions has expert Get Rid Of Bee in Tempe
technicians who are specifically trained to deal with Africanized honey bees. In Arizona more than 95 percent of the wild bees are Africanized. These bees are also known as “killer” bees. The sting of an Africanized honey bee is no more dangerous than a sting from a standard honey bee, the Africanized bees got their “killer” nickname because they are known to be very aggressive; they are disturbed and provoked very easily. They can swarm quickly, attack in larger groups and they will chase their target for long distances, and all of those factors is what make them deadly.


All of our expert technicians are familiar with the biology of bees and the habits they have. We use only the best and safest control methods to get the job done right. Our bee removal services give you peace of mind that your bee situation will be dealt with honestly and correctly.

Types of Bees

You can identify what type of bee problem you have by determining a few simple things:


Swarms are normally a group of bees that cluster around an outdoor area, near a tree branch or on the side of a building. Swarms form when about half of an established colony leaves to start a new colony. The bees stay together as they search for a their new home. However, swarming bees aren’t normally aggressive even “killer” honey bees because they don’t have a home to protect.


Beehives are home to bee colonies, this is where the queen will lays eggs and where bees build and produce honey and honeycomb. Bees often build their hives in attics and spaces between the walls, as well as other cavities around the home. If you notice large numbers of bees going back and forth from one side of your house, or up near the eaves it is best to call a trained professional who can safely check your home or building for an active beehive.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee like to bore into wood.

Honey Bees

Honey Bees are the best for honey farms.

Cactus Bees

Cactus Bees mainly pollinate cati flowers in the desert.