Allied Pest SolutionsOrganic products had become widely popular, especially when everybody started to show their concern towards the environment. Gone are the days when companies used chemical pesticides on the properties and the chemicals would, in turn, enter your body creating havoc to the digestive system. Even pest control companies have started using organic ingredients to make pesticides so that the office and the surrounding areas are not harmed in the process. In fact, the farmers who are involved in working in factories or huge commercial properties are hiring companies that have certified organic pesticides to keep the pests away.

Understand organic pest control

It is easy to use organic pesticides for your garden because you only have to buy a liter of the pesticide and mix it with water to use on the flowers or herbs. But when it becomes commercial, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Many insects have a natural aversion to office properties like wooden tables or papers. The most common of them is termites. These can be driven away with organic chemicals that are harmless to people such as boric acid. The reason why such chemicals are now used in commercial properties is they work as a deterrent to the insects but cause no harm to people while they are working.

Benefits of organic pest control

As soon as you hear the term organic, you immediately know that it will be successful in keeping the pests away. Here are some of the essential benefits of using commercial pest control:

1. More effective than chemical pest control

It has been proved time and again that pesticides and chemical sprays lose their effectiveness after a few weeks. This ultimately proves to be a costlier solution to keep the pests away. Moreover, if some of the pests do not die even after the pesticides are used periodically, they will become immune. That is when organic pest control will do its trick. These sprays are far more effective than its counterpart. Most importantly, you only need to use it once every few months. Since the ingredients of the organic pesticides come from natural products, you can be assured that insects of every species and variety will end up getting killed.

2. Keeping the environment healthy

One of the biggest benefits of using organic pest control on commercial properties is that they keep the environment healthy. Even if these pesticides manage to reach the garden of the property, they will not harm the plants or trees. There will be no water pollution, unlike the chemical pesticides that bring down the quality of the water. Not just water, the air around the property space smells weird when chemical pesticides are used. The surrounding trees and plants that are not supposed to be affected by these chemicals soon dry out because the chemicals spread through the air and reach the other parts of the property too.

3. Keeps human health intact

Organic pest control is made keeping the long-term health benefits of people in mind. Unlike chemical pest control that has to be sprayed every month, the organic pesticides are used once every few months. Your commercial space will remain unaffected and the workers will not feel suffocated after a session of organic pest control.

Cost of organic pest control

There are different organic materials used to make the organic pesticides and their cost vary according to the pests that you want to get rid of. One of the most common organic pesticides made of fatty acids and potassium salts cost around $65 per gallon. Similarly, other organic pesticides have other ingredients and their prices are also different. You can consult with the pest control company to know the exact cost of covering your commercial space.