Controlling Bees Around Your House

Making sure you don’t have a hive hiding in your walls.

Have you ever been stung by a bee? If yes, you would know how painful it is. If not, you are lucky enough to have escaped that painful few days. Honestly, the feeling is so sudden and so fiercely painful than even a person who is as tough as a stone will get teary after some time. Houses that have trees and flowering plants around them are more prone to bee attacks. Dealing with a beehive or a colony of bees can turn out to be difficult and you always have the risk of getting stung. That is why it would be wise to get in touch with a bee removal company. Arizona has many flowering plants and greenery around and along with that comes thousands of bees. Wondering how the professionals will deal with these stingy pests? Here are some of the techniques that they use:

Spraying organic chemicals

Ground bees are the most dangerous because they are more likely to sting you when you are spending time in the garden. This is the easiest method to deal with ground bees because there are no special ways to catch them and make them go away. Moreover, ground bees are generally small in size resembling the shape of a normal fly. It is very difficult to see them in the grass or when they are in the shrubs or plants. The bee removal company will wear a uniform that is covered from head to toe so that they don’t get stung while spraying the chemicals. Ground bees can become very aggressive when you try to swat them. The chemicals that are used to get rid of these bees will not harm the grass or the plants and trees around the house. They are made from organic minerals and are certified too.

Spraying beehives

There are two ways to deal with exposed beehives: one is to break them down and throw the colony away completely, and second is to spray organic chemicals to keep the bees in check when you and your family members are out of the house. The bee control company will do whatever you choose. Ideally, you should ever attempt to remove a hive yourself. This is dangerous and should only be done by a professional.

Alternatively, the bee control company will check the condition of the beehive and decide the ideal time to spray the chemicals. Since bees go out during the day time to have pollen from the plants and flowers, it will be ideal to spray the hive in the evening or at night. However, there are times when bees manage to make a hive inside the walls. That is a dangerous thing to deal with and the experts will have no option but to break the hive down and throw it away so that the bees are not able to come in. This can also damage your home and lead to honey in your walls.

Hiring a bee catcher

While we have heard so much in the news about how important bees are to our ecosystem, we agree that they have a place of value, but many times we encounter bees that have been Africanized, this means that they are more prone to violence and stinging people and are aggressive. This is definitely the type of bees you do not want to share your home with or have around your children.

Killing the bees shouldn’t be your objective. But when their attacks pose a threat, you shouldn’t wait to call our experts to get rid of them as soon as possible. Allied Pest Solutions is proficient at removing bees, wasps, and other flying insects. We are trained to remove hives so that new bees don’t decide to move into an empty hive and repopulate. Schedule your consultation today!