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Honey bees can be very beneficial, but if they have an established residence in or around your home, they can be dangerous.

Let our professionals remove them safely, easily and work with you so they don’t return.

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The average hive can contain up to 50lbs or more of honey? As the hive expands, they chew through your moisture barrier and cause internal damage to your home. If a hive dies or is abandoned it can cause dry rot and mold within your walls. These are all serious issues if left untreated. Most often, we can remove the hive, relocate the bees and prevent you from having serious damage to your home.

We offer professional full-service Bee Control and Beehive Removal throughout the entire Phoenix metro area. If bees are encountered anywhere around your home, it is advisable to leave the bees alone until a trained professional has been called to take care of the issue.


Having a beehive in your backyard can be dangerous. Some bees are known to show agression, and while it is not life threating for the most people, some unfortunately are allergic to bee stings and it can be fatal. So contact us to evaluate and relocate!


All of our expert technicians are familiar with the biology of bees and their habits. We use only the best and safest control methods to get the job done right!

Let us take care of your bee problem. It is known to cause minor damages to your home if not taken care of immediately and we can advise you how to seal your home so they don’t come back!

No More Bees, Please

Most of the bees in Arizona are Africanized. Their sting feels like a normal bee sting, but they are very aggressive which can cause problmes if they attack in swarms. It is advised to call a professional to deal with any kind of bee removal.

A professional will thoroughly remove the beehive that is located on your property. Most of the services for removing hives require extra work for cleaning the spot where hive was located which is done to prevent bacteria and from having them reloacte back there.

The final step in assuring you don’t get another bee problem is filling any openings that bees can get through, that means any cracks in the wall or on the ceiling needs to be sealed off.

*Our 60 day warranty is valid only if the hive has been removed.

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