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Bed Bugs have been around for centuries, they are resilient but can be removed from your home. Don’t wait, and don’t be fooled by expensive treatments.

Let our professionals remove them safely, easily and work with you so they don’t return.

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Bed bugs have been around since ancient Egypt and ancient Rome? We almost had them eliminated from the United States in the 50’s, but with the increase of International travel in the 90’s, they hitchhiked back over here. We can remove them from your home, and with a few easy steps we can prevent them from returning! You can have peaceful sleep as soon as tonight by following our targeted plan!

We offer professional full-service Bed Bug Removal throughout the entire Phoenix metro area. If you have a bed bug problem, let us know!

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While like most bugs, they carry the potential to spread disease, the biggest issue with bed bugs other than the stigma is the fact that they are irritating and their bites while are uncomfortable, aren’t fatal. The biggest problem with them is the psychological effect they have on you. Many times people can’t sleep well knowing they have bugs in their bed.


All of our expert technicians are familiar with the biology of bed bugs and their habits. There is no need to suffer, spend large ammounts of money or use insufficient methods that leave you frustrated and don’t resolve the problem. We use only the best and safest control methods to get the job done right!

Let us take care of your bed bug problem. It is known to cause minor damages to your home if not taken care of immediately and we can advise you how to take preventative measures so they don’t come back!

No More Bed Bugs, Please

There are a few things you can do while traveling that should lower the risk of bringing bed bugs home with you and creating an infestation. Our checklist is created for your success.

1 in 5 people have experienced bed bugs in their home, and one single pregnant female can restart an infestation alone. 90% are resistant to most chemicals, so a multi-faceted approach is needed.

Finally, diligence with reguards to travelling, keeping your luggage off of beds, and being vigilant in your own home can keep you from experiencing these tiny pests over again.

*Our 120 day warranty is valid only if compliance to our protocols are met. .

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